Our Story

Calle Mexico “(Mexico Street)” was born on May 27, 2015 in Leduc Alberta. We started our adventure with a small food truck, located in a small parking lot at Chamber of Commerce of Leduc, emerging from the interest of showing our Mexican food.

We were sure that many did not know about the dishes we were offering here, and many Mexicans were missing them. The food that you can find in the streets of each Mexican city.

Our authenticity and the taste of the food was the reason why many people lined up at Our Truck to get an order of our delicious food.

Now, after years, Calle Mexico is a successful family, owned and operated locally by Juan Talango and his wife Angelica Del Carmen, chefs and original owners.

We assure you that your visit to “Calle Mexico” will transport you to a real Mexican atmosphere, and will make you doubt if you are in Canada or Mexico.

Enjoy your next visit to Calle Mexico Amigos